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Appartement privé 

Les Batignolles, France.

Located in the heart of Paris, this apartment is the perfect blend of functionality and French charm. The dark wooden kitchen is designed to be compact yet efficient, providing ample storage space and a seamless flow. It contrasts beautifully with the old-fashioned parquet flooring, which adds warmth and character to the space.

The use of travertine is a clever design choice that creates a visual connection between the kitchen and the bathroom, making the apartment feel more spacious. The stone also adds a touch of natural elegance, bringing an element of the outdoors inside. The furniture in the apartment is thoughtfully selected, adding to the overall charm and sophistication of the space. A mix of contemporary and traditional pieces work together seamlessly, highlighting the unique style of Parisian design.

Overall, the Batignolles apartment is a perfect example of how a functional living space can be transformed into a stylish and elegant home. With its clever use of materials, attention to detail, and timeless design, it is truly a gem in the heart of Paris.



Villa Roche Noir

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