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Meteor studio

Graduates of the highly renowned Penninghen School of Architecture, Leah Benarrosh and Florent Louineau embody the new generation of French designers and interior architects.

Through their professional journeys with prestigious houses such as Dior and Alberto Pinto for Leah, and Les Beaux-Arts de Marseille [Design section] and Christian Liaigre for Florent, they have acquired technical expertise and mastery in the creation of unique environments and character-filled spaces, giving them an in-depth understanding of trends and styles.

Eager to fully express their own creative vision, the duo emancipates themselves and establishes their own interior architecture studio: Meteor Studio [2020]. They design, reinterpret, and transform numerous projects for private residences and boutiques in France, Europe, and beyond. Combining aesthetics and functionality, their work reveals a clean and contemporary style, marked by authenticity and character in a perfectly calibrated ensemble.

Exploring the connection between Art and Design, they dedicate a special place to Art in each of their projects. As witnesses of an era, a culture, a movement, they strive to create a dialogue between space and artwork, object and material, in a quest for absolute balance and harmony.

Soon, their instinctive need to express their own artistic sensibilities becomes apparent, and it is together that they conceive and develop their very first collection. The duo offers a humble and moving perspective that challenges the centuries-old, yet sometimes strained, relationship between the world and nature, the quintessential and boundless source of inspiration.

As true lovers of materials and the essences that compose them, their creations draw from raw materials and natural textures that are all around us, whether in their natural or sophisticated state. With a strong focus on the synergy between materials and the fertile exchange between materials and light, their work aspires to perpetuate the original harmony of lines and the boldness of volumes in a resolutely contemporary dialogue.

Mindful of the environment and ecology, they are constantly searching for innovative materials, ensuring traceability and transparency in the various manufacturing processes. Thus, their projects and creations align with the idea of collaboration with exceptional artisans and their unique, recognized craftsmanship.

Based between France and Miami, they share a common commitment to excellence, prioritizing a special relationship with their clients to closely align with their expectations.

They proudly unveil their very first furniture collection, a true ode to nature and its landscapes (2024).


Interior Architecture & Design Studio

Thanks to Magali Royer for her precious commitment in the writing of this biography.

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