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Discover the quiet elegance that resides in every corner of  this residence of Park Avenue, New York City.


There's a magic about New York that we've fallen in love with. In front of a Woody Allen film, as on our recent visits, the charm of this city and the emotion it gave us in its bewitching elegance motivated our choice of furniture.

A humble homage to design and artistry nestled on Park Avenue. We're delighted to unveil a symphony of textures and materials. Ceramics grace the walls, wood cladding exudes warmth, and stones tell tales of nature's beauty. It's an incredible journey, and we're grateful for the opportunity to infuse remarkable pieces into this space. 

The dark, deep-black velvets absorb the city's light. The off-white elephant-leg table brings a sophisticated simplicity to the ensemble. The finely patinated light-brown walls lay a soothing veil season after season. The burnt-wood, full-length works of art add a much-needed touch of character to the space.

Private residence

Park Avenue, New York, USA.

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