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Private residence 

Vincennes, Paris, France.

The teams at Meteor Studio have recently completed a stunning renovation project for a private client in Vincennes. The client sought to renovate their pied-à-terre and enlisted the expertise of Meteor Studio to transform the apartment into a unique and elegant living space.

To meet the client's expectations, Meteor Studio utilized premium materials such as solid oak flooring that was stained in the mass, a sand brown colored lime wall, satin-finished stainless steel for the kitchen, and travertine for the worktop.


The numerous bespoke joineries were specially designed for the client, including the black-stained oak bookshelves and a full-height walnut dressing room that conceals a bathroom, adding a distinctive character to the apartment. The presence of carefully selected works of art and subtle designs on the ceilings, moldings, and indirect lighting create a cozy and warm atmosphere throughout the apartment. The result is a unique living space where one can feel immediately comfortable.

Photography by Oracle Paris.

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