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This renovated apartment, located in the lively city of Marseille, offers approximately 60 square meters with a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea.


The reconfiguration of the living space has been carefully planned to provide a stunning ocean view from every room by maximizing the natural flow of light and air. Thus, the "Grande Bleue" has settled into the entire apartment.


The use of soft white tones, reminiscent of the limestone cliffs of the nearby calanques, creates a serene backdrop. The light oak herringbone parquet adds a charming nautical touch, reminiscent of a ship's hull weathered by saltwater. Translucent Japanese sliding panels add to the mystery of light. They provide more permeability to the living space, filtering light and allowing a seamless transition between each volume. The incorporation of raw travertine throughout the space creates a robust yet refined sensation, elevating the space to the next level of sophistication.


The few remaining walls have been redesigned, such as the wall separating the kitchen and the entrance, which has been transformed into a full-height integrated library.


The result is a loft-style residence, offering the feeling of being constantly in the heart of the Mediterranean in a sophisticated and cohesive living space.

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