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Villa Roche Noir

Serre-Chevalier, France

Embarking on an enchanting redesign amid the captivating landscapes of Serre Chevalier, we unveil a meticulous renovation project embodying the essence of the French Alps.

From meticulously conceptualized interior architecture, encompassing walls, floors, ceilings, and bespoke furniture, to overseeing the curation of exclusive artworks and managing the entire construction process, our commitment to detail defines this alpine haven.


Inspired by the tranquil beauty of the region, our design narrative is guided by spaces that evoke the purity of white, the untouched snow, and the emotions of calm and lightness. Delving into the use of raw, occasionally charred, and sophisticated woods where intricate grain patterns reveal themselves like an ode to subtle details.

Immerse yourself in an Alpine retreat seamlessly blending regional charm with sophistication. It epitomizes refined craftsmanship, creating a distinctive mountain living experience.

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