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Salon de thé Neuilly Francei

Introducing a cutting-edge high-end tea salon located in the chic neighborhood of Neuilly, Paris. This innovative tea salon offers a unique dining experience with a range of high-end finger food sandwiches created by Audrey Grinal. The sandwich selection boasts only the finest ingredients, and Audrey required a venue that matched her distinct and unconventional style: one that was vibrant, warm, and had a touch of rock and roll.

The interior of the tea salon is designed to create a cozy English-style atmosphere, with oak tables and benches. The walls are also made of oak, with visible joints and baseboards adding to the rhythmic effect. A custom-built library invites patrons to explore Audrey's universe. The kitchen, which is fully equipped, was designed specifically for the space and offers a direct view of the sandwich-making process for passersby.

The creation of ceiling beams serves to connect the different spaces within the salon and guide patrons on their journey. The large glass facade provides a clear view of the sandwich-making area, while the earthy tones on the walls, jungle-inspired wallpaper, and neon lights bring a contemporary twist to the decor, making the venue all the more appealing. Whether for dining in or takeout, this tea salon is sure to satisfy and impress even the most discerning of palates.

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