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Villa Dupont

Paris XVI, France

Meteor Studio has recently completed a stunning apartment renovation project located in the prestigious Trocadero neighborhood, on a private street in the 16th arrondissement. The apartment, owned by a couple who desired to transform their exceptional property, features high-end materials such as antique restored parquet flooring throughout, complemented by the rhythmic stone of the kitchen, onyx bathrooms, and travertine cut lengthwise, creating a unique and character-filled living space.

The custom-made kitchen, crafted entirely in light oak by a master carpenter, brings a luminous quality to the entire apartment, with everything hidden and discreet, reflecting a modern refinement with a chic French contemporary twist.

In summary, Meteor Studio has successfully transformed this exceptional apartment into a singular, elegant and refined living space, with a touch of modern French chic, thanks to their expertise, knowledge, and the use of high-quality materials.

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